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When I was at school, I never really enjoyed the usual curriculum lessons such as maths, English and even games. I was smaller than everyone else so I never got picked to play in any team sports!

There was only ever one class in school that I looked forward to every week and that was French. Unlike my contemporaries I really excelled at the language, which made me feel great as I was better than every else at something….which was a first for me.

As you progress through high school you are allowed to choose which subjects you’d like to study for your final exams, Unfortunately no one chose French other than me, so much to my frustration it meant no more language study.

So this was the start of my fascination with the study of foreign language. After leaving school I joined the ranks of the employed, and then almost as quickly became unemployed, so the need to learn a language wasn’t a priority!

I joined the Army a few years after leaving school where my final posting before leaving the service was Germany. Once again my interest in learning a language was re-kindled.

This time I embarked on learning German with great enthusiasm. But as anyone knows whose served in the military, especially abroad, work commitments and social distractions can take a heavy toll on good intentions!



Over the years I have used various types of language learning materials including class-based study. I will be including reviews to these on my site which you can read and there will also be links which will take you to them.

In the 90’s I bought a French book/cd course and started an evening class at college. Within a Year I had a good working knowledge of French, it was certainly good enough to speak French on a general conversational level.

Realising I actually could learn to speak another language well, I decided to learn another!

One of my favourite countries I’ve been to is the Netherlands. I’ve been there many times and always had a fascination with their language. It’s always good to have some form of motivation to start learning a language, it means your desire to learn will push you on if things get difficult!

So, I did the same with Dutch, bought a book/CD pack but I couldn’t find anywhere that offered classes at colleges etc. It didn’t work for me so I looked for another method.

Finding good learning materials for Dutch was difficult unlike for French, Spanish, German and Italian for example. I did find one however that I used and as a result I have a very good standard of Dutch. I will be writing a review of that course here Learn Dutch In Minutes

We all have our own particular way of learning be it with books, CD’s, online, classroom based or a combination of some or all these methods. I have tried them all with varying success, but the ones that I’m using now or reviewing on my site have worked best for me. And to be honest, they would work for anyone!

Please follow my blog to see how I progress with learning Romanian and check out my reviews on the other courses I have used with great effect.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments box below and I’ll be only too happy to speak to you.

Best wishes,


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