Welcome to my Dubbel Dutch Language Learning Resource website!

My name is Rob Williams and I will be sharing my passion for language learning with you in various ways on my site.

The part I’m most excited about is my language learning blog; yes you’ll be able to follow me as I attempt to learn a language from scratch.

I speak Dutch, a reasonable level of French and basic German (der, die and das…😫😫😫😫enough said!).

Now I’ve chosen to learn something completely out of my comfort zone..Romanian! Not only have I chosen to learn what looks to me to be a grammatically complex language, I’m doing it publicly in my blog…with video!

That should be interesting!

The videos I’m making are not intended to be used as a language learning resource, in the sense that I’m running a language class.

I’m making the recordings to track my own progress and people who view my videos, can judge if this type of  course would suit their style of learning. If you do like it….you can subscribe to it too!

So if you want information, recommendations, guidance and what will be I’m sure some light entertainment (at my expense!), please visit the rest of my site.

Mult noroc – Good luck!