Romanian Day 1 – Here we go!!


Right! Take a deep breath…focus, try and find something that will quickly type foreign characters into my text. If I can’t type Romanian text in quickly it’ll be a case of producing a vlog and not a blog.

I did want to spare readers the pain of watching me destroy a language live, but if I can show the system I’m using as producing results, then it’ll serve a purpose!

Nice and easy start…just some survival phrases!

How to Say Thank You in Romanian

Mulţumesc mult
Mulţumesc foarte mult
Mulţumesc frumos
from the verb – a mulţumi – to thank

That was short and sweet! A few survival phrases to get things going….and to get used to appearing in front of a camera!

I shall post videos with every lesson I cover where practicable because it’ll be a good way of checking my progress over time.

Did you know….

The name ‘Romania’ comes from the Latin word Romanus which means ‘Citizen of the Roman Empire’.

Romania was only called Romania after the the principalities of Wallachia and Moldova united in 1859. They adopted the name Romania in 1862.



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2 thoughts on “Romanian Day 1 – Here we go!!”

  1. N Wilcox says:

    Useful resource! Vă mulţumesc!

    1. Rob says:

      Hi and thanks for your comment N Wilcox. There will be plenty more to come so please visit us regularly.

      When our subscription page is set up there will be plenty of free goodies on offer for our subscribers!

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