Romanian Day 2 – You’re Welcome


More simple phrases today, how to say…You’re welcome!

Cu plăcere
Pentru puţin
Pentru nimic
Mi-a făcut plăcere să vă ajut

Bună ziua , Doamnă. Mă numesc Paul Iordache
Îmi pare bine, Domnule. Mă numesc Popescu Georgiana
Îmi pare bine, Doamnă
After this video I won’t be adding any more text from the course material….I’ve only included it in the first couple of posts so you can see what Romanian looks and sounds like.
From now on you’ll just have to suffer the videos 😁😁


Did you know….

Around 25 million people speak Romanian as a first language and 4 million as a second (4 million and 1 if you include me 😁). The use of German is declining in the country but there are areas in central and western Romania where Hungarian is widely spoken.

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